17-19 October 2018 | Marina Bay Sands | Singapore

Demystifying Airbnb for Corporate Travel Managers

October 25, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Level 3, Begonia Room 3102
Michele Koe

Demystifying Airbnb for Corporate Travel Managers

In 2016, Airbnb’s business stays tripled in growth. Today, nearly 15% of nights booked on Airbnb are for work and we continue to see more and more business travelers, especially the millennial generation, embracing the sharing economy. Learn from thought leaders and corporate buyers on how Airbnb can be suitable (or not) to your travel program. Our 2-hour session will include an exclusive keynote report on the trend of Airbnb’s growth in Asia Pacific and external speakers to share their point of view on the sharing economy. We will also invite existing corporate buyers to share learnings on Airbnb was incorporated into their travel program and the benefits it has brought to their organizations.


Keynote: Airbnb for Business Trend in Asia Pacific 

Today, nearly 250,000 companies are using Airbnb for Business globally. On a weekly basis, 18,000 new companies sign up to use our services and the number continues to accelerate. 

In this keynote session, we will be sharing an exclusive report on how home-sharing has been embraced by business travelers in Asia Pacific and what are unique trends that we’ve observed unique to this region.

Speaker: Alvan Aiau Yong, Regional Lead Airbnb for Work APAC


Panel: Catering Business Travel to the Different Types of Traveler Personas in an Organization

One of the unique challenges that travel managers face today is in building a travel program that balances the needs of the different types of travelers in an organization. For example, a traveler with a millennial mindset will have different expectations from one with a baby-boomer mindset.  

During this session, we will be hearing from both sides of the spectrum what are these expectations and learn from industry experts on how to successfully build a balanced program for your organization.  

Moderator: Bond Leung, Business Travel Lead ANZ, Airbnb for Work


  • Michael Molloy, Riotinto Head of Procurement
  • Chloe Baum, Workplace Manager, LinkedIn
15:00PM- 15:15PM

Coffee Break


Panel: Duty of Care for the Modern Travelers 

Business travelers today have increasing demands and are more and more technologically savvy. Their needs when it comes to business trips are also changing. 

According to a report on Asian Business Travellers (ABT) conducted by STB, 69% of ABT have freedom to choose their airlines or hotel and they are also 2 times more likely than Europeans to mix business and leisure trips.

Under such circumstances, how should a company’s duty of care policy cater to such changing needs and what are the challenges faced by corporate travel managers today? How are industry players today coming with solutions to meet this new wave traveler’s demands.

  • Moderator: Kevin Hoong, Business Development, Asia


  • Lorena Paglia, Director of Advisory Risk Transformation at EY
  • Stephanie Jones, Director and Head of Client Management
  • Madanjit Singh, Concur Regional Director SEA