Pre-Scheduled Appointment(s)

Pre-Scheduled Appointment(s) system (exclusively between buyers & exhibitors)

Being a strictly B2B show, ITB Asia has an exclusive appointment matching system – for all confirmed buyers and exhibitors only. We’ve had been improving the system yearly based on your feedback and recommendations.

The appointment system offer each buyer and exhibitor the opportunity to select relevant party to conduct business meetings. Ultimately, the goal of the appointment system will be to mitigate the hassle of arranging appointments on-site and to ensure that the productivity of your time. This way, you would also be able to schedule sometime free time for workshops, education sessions as well as networking functions.

Tips of attending appointments on-site

  1. Every appointment is scheduled to be approx. 30mins long. We would recommend you to buffer 5 – 10mins between appointments to navigate around the showfloor and rest breaks. 
  2. Comfortable shoes to highly recommended for attending buyers. 
  3. Punctuality – please be on time for your appointments as both buyers and exhibitors may have scheduled appointments throughout the day.