How to Qualify

Qualification Criteria

The qualification criteria of ITB Asia Buyer’s Programme varies year on year and it’s highly dependent our exhibitor’s feedback and travel inventory.

ITB Asia upholds a strict validation process to ensure all attending buyers are serious decision makers. The validation process is based in the following details:

  1. Commit to a set number of appointments with ITB Asia exhibitors based on selected buyer’s package
  2. Decision maker of a company whom had significant procurement volume of travel services such as accommodation, air tickets, tour packages, etc. For example: travel agents, corporate & outbound travel managers or travel procurement managers 
  3. Noticeable procurement track record in Asia (ITB Asia may conduct checks on proof of travel procurement for auditing purposes) 
  4. Buyer’s Rating – applicable to buyers whom had attending ITB Asia before.

*ITB Asia Buyer Team would also consider exhibitor’s feedback on past buyers’ participation to the show.

To ensure that all buyers are a right match to attending exhibitors, ITB Asia Buyer Team may ask further questions or request for supporting documents from buyers. All information submitted are strictly private and confidential.