Onsite Branding

Package Title Why Sponsor? Status/ Price
Hosted Buyers Lounge Receive premium recognition on the ITB Asia Hosted Buyers Lounge, located in a high traffic area within the exhibition hall. Connect your brand with the target audience at an exclusive lounge area. As the official ITB Asia Hosted Buyers Lounge sponsor, you reap the benefits the benefits by connecting directly with ITB Asia 800+ buyers, all in platform. This is your best chance to leverage in building brand awareness and networking with key prospectus.

*Inclusive of F&B and setup costs
Hosted Cafes Enhance your company profile in this premiere networking arena. As a sponsor of ITB Asia Hosted Cafes, you’ll gain extreme brand awareness and visibility. The cafes are located in strategic locations promising high traffic and it’s usually the meeting point of many ad hoc appointments. The best businessman connects over food.

*Inclusive of setup costs and licensing fee
Registration, Info Kiosk & Appointment Counter Enhance your corporate visibility at the registration, information kiosk and the appointment sheet printing counter. There would be a total of multiple locations/ counters along the entrance walkway branded with your company logos and information. US$30,000
Media Centre Establish your company visibility and connect with ITB Asia’s press body in all 3 days of the exhibition. Present your company logo/image on mouse pads, etc. Includesin-room publicity and display of advertising collaterals.

*Inclusive of F&B and room rental
Lanyards Receive outstanding visibility on the entire 3 days of the exhibition. Each ITB Asia attendees would be offered a branded lanyard by your company. A token for everyone to take away. US$19,000Sold Exclusive
Delegate Bags A tremendous promotional opportunity with great visibility and corporate branding. ITB Asia delegate bag would be awarded to every 9,000+ attendees. US$19,000Sold Exclusive
Delegate Bag Inserts Gain longevity in your corporate exposure by contributing vital information or corporate document in every 9,000 plus delegate bags distributed. US$6,000
Mobile Charging Stations This highly appreciated mobile charging station keep busy attendees charged and ready to go. Branded as the Mobile Charging Station sponsor, entitles your company to play slide shows and some display advertisements/ collaterals within the station. US$10,000Exclusive
Promoters @ ITB Asia Licensing fee for roving mascots/ performers/ manpower. US$2,000
Onsite Banners Tap on the high attendee traffic at ITB Asia by presenting your company and brand. We offer pillar wraps, exhibition hall banners and an array of media buys. US$5,000 – US$21,000