Sustainable Trade Show Presence

Sustainable Trade Show Presence – Tips for exhibitors


  • With our partner, atmosfair, you can directly offset the CO2 emissions that occur during your travels. Your contribution will be invested UN-certified projects to improve the environment.

Print Media

  • Use environmentally-friendly materials for all advertising and packaging.
  • Whenever possible, go paperless.
  • Avoid excessive production of printed advertising materials.
  • For materials which must be printed (catalogues, pocket guides, etc.) – print them on environmentally-neutral FSC-certified paper.
  • Use environmentally-friendly printing ink.
  • Use energy from sustainable sources – get your suppliers to do it, too!

Stand Construction

  • Make sustainability an important factor when you select your stand construction company.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly building materials and paints.
  • Use materials and components multiple times.
  • Conserve resources by renting furniture and plants.
  • Diligently work to minimize packaging materials.
  • Choose the most environmentally-friendly transport options.
  • Separate your waste diligently and put it in the corresponding recycling containers at the exhibition grounds.


  • Avoid using disposable plates and cutlery.
  • Ask for certified organic and fair trade products.
  • When possible, avoid imported exotic products and use seasonal, regional ones instead.
  • Choose suppliers who work to reduce packaging waste (e.g. suppliers who avoid using styrofoam and other non-recyclable materials).
  • Find out if your suppliers collect and recycle used cooking oil.